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Capture the market moves with Signals of Market. We are here to simplify your trading journey. Take emotions out of your trades and use these powerful screeners and setups to put the odds more in your favor to improve your probability of success.

Grow Your Profits

We provide TradingView based screeners & setups to find the right trading opportunities.

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Why use Signals of Markets screeners & setups?

As a trader, one needs to constantly research, analyze the markets and find stocks poised for a big move. This often leads to burnout or losing out on some big moves since they might have already occurred by the time you find it out. These signals can help you here to alert you that such moves are probably on the way.


  • Premium price action Indicators and Screeners available on TradingView platform

  • Helps you to quickly screen for relevant data-points for trading.

    Our screeners and indicators can give you buy-sell signals in real time.

    Get buy-sell signals across different instruments like stocks, commodities, cryptos, etc.

    Use indicators and screeners across multiple timeframes.

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Follow the Process

How It Works?

One stop place to view Buy/Sell signals across multiple stocks without going through the hassle of opening charts of every stock.

Get an Opportunity Signal

This indicator reads price action and provides Buy and Sell signals according to our advanced algorithm.

Take a Trade

Buy-Sell signals will pop up on your TradingView screen. Apply your study and strictly follow your money management.

Increase Your Success Rate

Our main goal is to provide you with better conviction on your view and increase your success.

Get Momentum Screener

Momentum Screener Subscription

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What you will get

  • Advanced Momentum Screener package
  • 10 sector wise Momentum screeners with 10 stocks in each
  • Specially designed Commodity, Forex, Index and Cryptocurrency Momentum screeners with 10 instruments in each.
  • Automated Buy/Sell Signals and Alerts
  • Available on TradingView platform for both free and paid accounts
  • PDF manual with step-by-step instructions
Get Momentum Setup

Momentum Setup Subscription

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What you will get

  • Advanced Momentum Setup for Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Cryptos
  • Advanced Momentum Setup for Indexes
  • Automated Buy/Sell signals and Alerts
  • Automated Exit and Stop Loss signals
  • Available on TradingView platform for both free and paid accounts
  • PDF manual with step-by-step instructions
One for All

Multi Stock, Multi Exchange

Our screeners and setups will help you make wise trading decisions.

Signals of Market

  • Stocks

  • Commodities

  • Index





Frequently Asked Questions

Momentum trading is the practice of trying to make money by trading stocks along with a trend.

Yes. Our screeners and indicators work fine in a free account but here TradingView has some limitations of using a number of indicators per chart.

For the username/ID, login to TradingView and just go to the menu and click on profile settings.

Go through the manual for all the details.